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  1. Fluoroantimonic acid Německý název Fluor-Antimonsäure Funkční vzorec: HSbF 6: Sumární vzorec: HSbF 6: Vzhled Bezbarvá kapalina Identifikace EC-no (EINECS/ELINCS/NLP) 241-023-8 PubChem: 21953576: SMILES: F[Sb](O)(O)=O: Vlastnosti Molární hmotnost: 236,808 g/mol Teplota varu: rozklad Disociační konstanta pK a: −25 [zdroj?] Rozpustnost ve vodě: vybuchuj
  2. Fluoroantimonic acid has a chemical formula as H2FSbF6 and it is the strongest known acid with a Hammett acidity function, H0 of -28. Due to it being extremely strong acid, it is categorized as Super Acid. The degree of the acid can be judged from the fact that it can easily consume plastic and glass
  3. This is not a clickbait! This is that very first video about the strongest acid in the world on YouTube! FluoroantImonic acid! HSbF60:00 Iintroduction1:08 In..
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Fluoroantinomic acid is a superacid. The strongest known acids on the planet are something called superacids. These are acids that are more acidic than a pure solution of sulfuric acid. Fluoroantimonic acid can be estimated to be over 10 quadrillion times stronger than sulfuric acid Fluoroantimonic acid is used in chemical engineering and organic chemistry to protonate organic compounds, regardless of their solvent. For example, the acid can be used to remove H 2 from isobutane and methane from neopentane. It is used as a catalyst for alkylations and acylations in petrochemistry Fluoroantimonic acid is able to donate protons exponentially more effectively than pure sulfuric acid. If fluoroantimonic acid encounters water, it reacts vigorously — to say the least. If you heat it, it decomposes and releases toxic fluorine gas. This acid can, however, be held in PTFE (plastic), so it is containable How does Fluoroantimonic Acid react to an iPhone 7? I decided to find the answer! FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/techraxTWITTER:https://twitter.com/techra..

(Reine Schwefelsäure besitzt einen H 0-Wert von −11,9 und ist damit mehrere Trillionen Mal weniger acid.) Aufgrund ihrer Stärke kann Hexafluorantimonsäure wie die ähnliche magische Säure sehr viele Stoffe, insbesondere Kohlenwasserstoffe, protonieren. Dadurch werden sie in kleinere Moleküle gespalten und sind dann in vielen organischen Lösungsmitteln löslich Axit floroantimonic là siêu axit mạnh nhất dựa trên giá trị đo được của hàm axit Hammett (H0), được xác định theo các tỷ lệ khác nhau của HF:SbF 5. Trong khi H0 của HF nguyên chất là -15, chỉ cần thêm 1 mol% SbF 5 sẽ làm giảm nó xuống khoảng -20 L'acido fluoroantimonico HSbF 6 è una miscela di acido fluoridrico e pentafluoruro di antimonio in diverse proporzioni. La miscela con rapporto 1:1 costituisce il più forte superacido.La reazione tra HF e SbF 5 è esotermica. HF rilascia il suo protone (H +) mentre la sua base coniugata (F-) viene sequestrata da una o più molecole di SbF 5 a dare l'ottaedro SbF 6-

Ácido fluoroantimónico El ácido fluoroantimónico HSbF 6 es una mezcla de fluoruro de hidrógeno y pentafluoruro de antimonio en diversas proporciones. 2 La proporción 1:1 conduce al superácido más fuerte conocido, el cual se ha demostrado que protona incluso a los hidrocarburos para producir carbocationes e H 2 HF/SbF5 may be synthesized by mixing hydrogen fluoride and antimony fluoride.1 Fluoroantimonic acid (HF/SbF5), is a combination of SbF5 and HF. It is the known strongest liquid superacid Fluoroantimonic acid is perhaps the strongest of all known superacids based upon the Hammett acidity function values. It's produced by mixing hydrogen fluoride with antimony pentafluoride generally in a 2:1 ratio. This reaction is exothermic in nature Fluoroantimonic Acid is the first episode1 and first overall page of Academy118. 1 Summary 2 Characters 3 Trivia Fluoroantimonic Acid is a one page chapter in which Fluorine creates the title acid in a room which resembles a school science lab. Soon after Fluorine announces her creation to Antimony the acid burns through the glass, through the table, and presumably through the to floor. フルオロアンチモン酸(フルオロアンチモンさん、fluoroantimonic acid)あるいはヘキサフルオロアンチモン酸(ヘキサフルオロアンチモンさん、hexafluoroantimonic acid)は、フッ化水素と五フッ化アンチモンの様々な比の混合物である。1対1の混合物はこれまで知られている中で最も強い超酸を形成する。この酸は、炭化水素でさえもプロトン化することができ.

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The strongest acid on record is fluoroantimonic acid - it's known as a superacid, meaning it has an acidity greater than completely pure sulphuric acid. To give you an indication of how potent that is, sulphuric acid has a Hammett acidity function of -12, fluoroantimonic acid has a value of −31.3 and this new acid tops both Fluoroantimonic acid is the strongest superacid [superacid is a medium in which the chemical potential/acidity/numbers of H + of the proton is higher than in 100% pure sulfuric acid] based on the measured value of its Hammett acidity function (See in Wiki) (H 0), which has been determined for different ratios of HF: SbF 5

fluoroantimonic acid Sigma-Aldrich Corp. PO Box 14508 St. Louis, MO 63178 United States, united state DL-Fluorocitric acid barium salt has been used as an astrocyte inhibitor in various experiments Very easy. Easy. Moderate. Difficult. Very difficult. Thanks for your vote! Pronunciation of Fluoroantimonic acid with 2 audio pronunciations. 3 ratings. 1 rating

Have a fact about Fluoroantimonic acid ? Write it here to share it with the entire community. Add fact ! Please provide more details. Thanks. it is the most powerful acid it is pretty much a can Bundchen of sulfuric hydrogen and chlorite: Have a definition for Fluoroantimonic acid ?. This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article Fluoroantimonic_acid (); it is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the CC-BY-SA pH is not defined for non aqueous solutions. Fluoroantimonic acid, the strongest acid reportedly known to humanity, can't exist in aqueous solutions. It is kept in solutions of hydrogen fluoride as solvent, in containers made out of PTFE (polytetr..

Acidul fluoroantimonic HSbF 6 este o mixtură a doi compuși: acid fluorhidric (HF) și pentafluorură de stibiu (SbF 5) în diferite proporții. Raportul de 1:1 alcătuiește unul dintre cei mai puternici superacizi, superacid ce protonează hidrocarburile la stadiul de carbo-cation și hidrogen (H Fluoroantimonic acid, HSbF 6, can produce solutions with H 0 down to -28. Fluoroantimonic acid is made by combining HF and SbF 5. In this system, HF releases its proton (H +) concomitant with the binding of F − by antimony pentafluoride, which (as described below) is a Lewis acid. The resulting anion ( SbF−6) is both a weak nucleophile. Fluoroantimonic Acid - Køb fluorantimonsyre online i Danmark. Fluoroantimonic Acid - Fluoroantimonic ætsende er en kombination af hydrogenfluorid og antimon pentafluorid, der indeholder forskellige kationer og anioner (den mest ligefremme er H2F + og SbF − 6) That tells me that it's at least possible to do the task at hand with an acid that basically dissolves anything not teflon. $\endgroup$ - Aify Aug 5 '15 at 19:00 2 $\begingroup$ @etherealflux Funnily enough, an acid weaker than fluoroantimonic acid was named magic acid , because of its surprising ability to protonate even alkanes, meaning.

L'acide fluoroantimonique est un mélange en proportions variables de fluorure d'hydrogène et de pentafluorure d'antimoine [3].La combinaison 1:1 de ce mélange, de formule chimique HSbF 6, correspond au superacide connu le plus fort, capable de protoner même des hydrocarbures en carbocations [4].. La réaction du fluorure d'hydrogène HF et du pentafluorure d'antimoine SbF 5 est exothermique اسید فلوئوروآنتیمونیک چیست ؟ اسید فلوئوروآنتیمونیک ( در لفظ انگلیسی : Fluoroantimonic acid ) مخلوطی.

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  1. You're not likely to encounter it, but fluoroantimonic acid is the most powerful acid known to man. It is 20 quintillion (that is 20 x 10 18 ) times stronger than sulfuric acid! It's so strong that it eats through the glass and can't be stored in a glass container without it being lined, very carefully, with Teflon first
  2. Fluoroantimonic acid is considered the strongest liquid superacid, and depending on who we talk to, may be considered the strongest superacid. It is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula H 2 FSbF 6 (also written H 2 F [SbF 6 ], 2HF·SbF 5, or simply HF-SbF 5 ). It is 2×1019 (20 quintillion) times stronger than 100% sulfuric acid
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Fluoroantimonic acid is a powerful and dangerous substance. There is some very warranted skepticism about TechRax's use of the acid, which should come in the form of a colorless or yellow liquid. Fluoroantimonic acid is 2 × 1019 times stronger than 100% H2SO4. The Fluoroantimonic acid is known to be the strongest superacid in the world. Fluoroantimonic Acid is used in the hydrocarbon cracking process to react with the hydrocarbons from oil, which is used to raise the octane levels of gasoline

مرحبا بكم في ويكيبيديا. لدينا الآن 6954090 صفحة. Fluoroantimonic acid - First Viennese School. انتقل إلى التنقل اذهب إلى searc Fluoroantimonic acid, the strongest known acid, has a Hammett acidity function value of -28! (though there are also sources out there stating an unconfirmed value of -31.3) This is what the pH of a solution would be if it were possible to pack 1028 moles of hydronium into each liter of solution. To give you an idea of how crazy that is, a. Fluoroantimonic acid hexahydrate. 72121-43-8. Hydrogen hexafluorostibate(V) hexahydrate. F5Sb.HF.6H2O. 8617A

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Once losing its proton, fluoroantimonic acid and most other strong acids ravage other substances, often by ripping electrons from their atoms. If the substance in question is your skin, the acid will often cleave the amide bonds of proteins and the ester groups in fats through a process called hydrolysis

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Buy Fluoroantimonic Acid, Fluoroantimonic Acid Suppliers . Fluoroantimonic acid, the strongest acid in the system, is 2×10 16 times stronger than 100% sulfuric acid, [4] and can produce solutions with a H 0 down to -28. [5] Fluoroantimonic acid is a combination of hydrofluoric acid and SbF 5 The many dangerous components of hydrofluoric acid include its corrosive abilities, its colorless appearance, and sometimes discrete odor that is not detectable in the air. The chemical does have an odor that will be noticeable but not right away in the air of the environment. The smell of the acid is a strong, irritating odor that will be.

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As might be expected, other acids such as SbCl 5, fluorosulfonic, trifuoroacetic, anhydrous fluoroantimonic acid and trifilic acids will initiate polymerization of cyclic ethers and will be studied in our next report.However in this study, we report the fluoroantimonic acid hexahydrate (HSbF 6 ·6H 2 O) catalyzed ring-opening polymerization of ESO in ethyl acetate media as depicted in Fig. 2 $\begingroup$ I guess he used fluoroantimonic acid. :) $\endgroup$ - user11343 Dec 17 '14 at 3:50 1 $\begingroup$ or hydrogen peroxide and conc sulphuric acid. oops there's another finger gone! $\endgroup$ - porphyrin Aug 16 '16 at 22:2 This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article Fluoroantimonic_acid ; it is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the CC-BY-SA. Cookie-policy; To contact us: mail to admin@qwerty.wik Fluoroantimonic acid HSbF 6 is a mixture of hydrogen fluoride and antimony pentafluoride in various ratios. The 1:1 combination affords the strongest known superacid, which has been demonstrated to protonate even hydrocarbons to afford carbocations and H 2.. The reaction of hydrogen fluoride (HF) and SbF 5 is exothermic. HF releases its proton (H +), and its conjugate base (F −) is. Fluoroantimonic acid is 2×10 19 times stronger than 100% sulfuric acid, and can produce solutions with a pH down to -25. [3] Olah showed that at 140 °C (284 °F), FSO 3 H-SbF 5 will convert methane into the tertiary-butyl carbocation , a reaction that begins with the protonation of methane: [4

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The world's strongest superacid is fluoroantimonic acid, HSbF6. It is formed by mixing H-fluoride (HF) and antimony pentafluoride (SbF5). Various mixtures produce the superacid, but mixing equal ratios of the 2 acids produces the strongest superacid known to man The Carborane Acids. Fluoroantimonic acid results from a mixture of acids, but the carborane acids [e.g., H(CHB 11 Cl 11)] are solo acids.The H 0 of the carborane acids is at least -18, but the nature of the acid molecule makes it difficult to calculate its strength. Carborane acids may be even stronger than fluoroantimonic acid Fluoroantimonic acid (HSbF 6) is a mixture of hydrogen fluoride and antimony pentafluoride in various ratios.The 1:1 combination forms the strongest known superacid, which has been demonstrated to protonate even hydrocarbons to afford carbocations and H 2.. The reaction of hydrogen fluoride (HF) and SbF 5 is exothermic. HF, being a Lewis base, attacks the molecules of SbF 5 to give an adduct Fluoroantimonic acid This week's molecule is fluoroantimonic acid , which is the strongest acid in the world. It is so strong that the only material it does not dissolve and where it can be stored is teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene), which is unreactive and can be used to store corrosive superacids Fluoroantimonic acid is 10^16 (10 quadrillion) times stronger than 100% sulfuric acid. Jeepers. Like most strong acids, fluoroantimonic acid can react violently with water, owing to the exothermic hydration. Consequently, it cannot be used in aqueous solution, only in hydrogen fluoride as solvent. Acidity (pKa) = −31.3

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Fluoroantimonic acid is the world's strongest acid, proudly standing on the pedestal slightly above carborane. However, there's still an ongoing debate as to whether carborane is the strongest of them all. These acids are so strong that they aren't even considered conventional acids; they are labelled superacids Acid fluoroantimonic Identificatori Numar CAS. 16950-06-4 (HSbF 6) Model 3D ( JSmol) Imagine interactivă. Fluoroantimonic Acid - Le corrosif fluorantimonique est une combinaison de fluorure d'hydrogène et de pentafluorure d'antimoine, contenant différents cations et anions (le plus simple étant H2F + et SbF-6). Cette substance est un superacide, qui peut être plus d'un milliard de fois plus ancré que 100% corrosif sulfurique pur, en.

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You're not likely to encounter it, but fluoroantimonic acid is the most powerful acid known to man. It is 20 quintillion (that is 20 x 10 18 ) times stronger than sulfuric acid! It's so strong that it eats through the glass and can't be stored in a glass container without it being lined, very carefully, with Teflon first Fluoroantimonic acid has the chemical formula HSbF 6, and a molar mass of 236.76 g/mol.It is a very strong acid, in that it is capable of protonating almost anything, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best at dissolving (eating through) materials Kwas fluoroantymonowy ( H 0 = −28) jest ok. 10 16 razy mocniejszy od stężonego kwasu siarkowego (H 0 = −12) i jest zdolny do protonowania bardzo słabych zasad, w tym ksenonu i alkanów, np. : i jego szybką migrację zgodną z mechanizmem Grotthussa . Kwas fluoroantymonowy przechowuje się w pojemnikach wykonanych z teflonu Thanks to the big screen, many of us think of acids as dangerous, burn-through-anything substances. Think of those scenes in the Alien movies, where the alien's blood drips through solid metal, destroying everything in its path. Of course the vast majority of acids are much more boring. Vinegar (which contains ethanoic acid) and citric acid (found in, guess what, citrus fruits The annals of crime are filled with gruesome tales of using chemicals for body disposal. In the mid-to-late 1940s, one of England's most notorious killers, John Haigh, used sulfuric acid to dispose at least six victims' corpses - a method that led to him being dubbed the 'acid bath killer'. The Arellano-Félix Organization, a real-life cartel that inspired a storyline in the 2000.

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veinna sausage (@fluoroantimonic.acid) on TikTok | 755 Likes. 9 Fans. No bio yet Watch the latest video from veinna sausage (@fluoroantimonic.acid) Academy118 is a webcomic by Ava Pun. It follows the adventures of the teenaged elements of the periodic table! It (usually) updates every Mondays. It can be read on both Instagram and the official website Fluoroantimonsav - Fluoroantimonic acid. A Wikipédiából, az ingyenes enciklopédiából. Fluoroantimonsav Azonosítók CAS -szám. 16950-06-4 (HSbF 6) 3D modell ( JSmol) Interaktív kép; ChemSpider: 32741664 ; ECHA InfoCard: 100,037,279: EK -szám: 241-023-8; PubChem CID. 11118066 rossz képlet

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OSHA Vacated PELs: Fluoroantimonic acid hexahydrate: No OSHA Vacated PELs are listed for this chemical. Personal Protective Equipment Eyes: Wear appropriate protective eyeglasses or chemical safety goggles as described by OSHA's eye and face protection regulations in 29 CFR 1910.133 or European Standard EN166 Fluoroantimonic acid (systematically named fluoranium hexafluorostibanuide and fluoranium hexafluoridoantimonate(1−)) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula (also written , 2HF·SbF, or simply HF-SbF). It is an ionic liquid created by reacting hydrogen fluoride (HF) with antimony pentafluoride (SbF) in a stoichiometric ratio of 2:1. It is the strongest known superacid, which has. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'fluoroantimonic\x20acid' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltraine FLUOROANTIMONIC ACID TRIPLE-DISTILLED 50G UN 2922 8/PG 2 list price/quantity total $ 293.11 / EA (1 / EA) $0.00 $0.00 (0 Items) Login To Purchase. Product is restricted and can only be purchased by customers with a web profile linked to a Thomas Business Account - Click here to. Ring-opening polymerization of epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) catalyzed by a super acid, fluoroantimonic acid hexahydrate (HSbF 6 ·6H 2 O) in ethyl acetate was conducted in an effort to develop useful biodegradable polymers. The resulting polymerized ESO (SA-RPESO) was characterized using infrared (IR) spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), 1 H. Fluorantimonsyre - Fluoroantimonic acid. Fra Wikipedia, den gratis encyklopædi. Fluoroantimonsyre Identifikatorer CAS -nummer. 16950-06-4 (HSbF 6) 3D -model ( JSmol) Interaktivt billede; ChemSpider: 32741664 ; ECHA InfoCard: 100.037.279: EF -nummer: 241-023-8; PubChem CID. 11118066 forkert formel