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Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest issues & faults for the 2006 Toyota Corolla. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the 2006 Toyota Corolla in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy 2006 Toyota Corolla engine problems with 219 complaints from Corolla owners. The worst complaints are engine surges while stopped, cuts off while driving or upon stopping, and sudden unintended.

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Common 2001-2006 Toyota Corolla Problems Some of the worst issues 9th generation Corolla owners have to deal with. Toyota Vehicles with Recalled Takata Airbags Parts supplier, Takata, manufactured defective, shrapnel-hurling airbag inflators that need to be recalled 2006 Toyota Corolla Problems For the 2006 model year, the engine problems had the highest amount of user complaints. The top reports of owner issues focus on the engine surging while stopped, the car cutting off while driving, the sudden unintended acceleration, the engine stalling out while driving, the engine failing, the car having a low idle, and the check engine light coming on

2006 Toyota Corolla No Start Problem - YouTube. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Transmission and Drivetrain (7%) Brakes and Traction Control (2%) Suspension and Steering (11%) Electrical and Air Conditioning (14%) Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (6%) Other (2%) Select a problem area. Engine. Transmission and Drivetrain Re: Toyota Corolla 2006 Problem by Lexusgs430: 7:23pm On May 01, 2020 kenx1 : My corolla 2006 model loses power when negotiating a bend, i have changed the fuel pump but the problem still persist Two problems related to car will not start have been reported for the 2006 Toyota Corolla. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2006 Toyota Corolla based on all problems reported for the 2006 Corolla

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ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Warning This light means there's an issue with your anti-lock brakes. It could come on for a variety of reasons, from a faulty speed sensor to low brake fluid to.. 2006-2011 Corolla - Common Problems A 2008 Toyota Corolla LE Premature Passenger Airbag Propellant Failure: When the passenger airbag deploys, there's a chance it'll rupture and allow metal fragments to fly through. This happens because the propellant rapidly degrades over time due to unstable temperatures and excessive humidity Anonymous, FL (2006 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8-L 4 Cyl) The lights around the gear shift and radio/heating controls goes off and have to hit the dashboard in that area to have them come back on.

TOYOTA COROLLA 2006 - BRAKE PROBLEMS. I have done about 45,000 kms and just took my car to the dealership for it regular maintenance. Was told that I have only 30% left on my front brakes. They recommended 1. replacement of the front brakes 2. machine front rotors and 3. service rear brakes to the tune of Cdn. $300 + tax Shop for New Auto Parts at 1AAuto.com http://1aau.to/c/110/A/timing-beltsThese are the top 5 problems with the 9th generation Toyota Corolla. In this video,. 5 Common Toyota Corolla Problems. A list of some of the most common issues Corolla owners have to deal with. TRW Crash Sensor Defect. There's growing concern that some sort of electrical overstress is messing with airbag control units (ACU) in certain Toyota vehicles

Toyota Corolla no problems for 13 years My family has had our Toyota Corolla since 2006 and it has had 0 major issues in that time period. It is a manual transmission and I save lots of money on gas because of the great gas mileage 2006 Corolla low beam headlight problem. Jump to Latest Follow toyotanation.com is an independent Toyota enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. Content on toyotanation.com is generated by its users. toyotanation.com is not in any way affiliated with Toyota Motor Corporatio One of the pricier problems you may face when driving a high-mileage Toyota Corolla is a faulty mass airflow sensor. There are two main ways to identify this problem: the check engine light may come on, or the acceleration may become slow and sluggish. This problem is simply due to the age of the sensor and can often be solved by cleaning it 2006 Corolla Window Problems 5 Answers. I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla CE with power windows. The windows were all working fine until a couple of days ago. I rolled the drivers window down to get a coffee and it wouldn't roll back up. Now. Conclusion: Toyota Corolla Alternator Problems. If you have reason to believe that your alternator is not charging the battery all the way, and you are out and about, see if turning off all of the accessories (including climate control) and lights that you safely can gets the warning light to turn off. If it does go off, at least you know you.

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2006 Toyota Corolla Axio language of the radio and user manual problems. i want to change the language of the radio of my Corolla AXIO (G) 2006 so that i can enjoy all the features of this car. i want a english version user manual. i have attached the pic of both the radio and the car. waiting for your kind reply.. Anonymous, NC (2001 Toyota Corolla S 1.8-L 4 Cyl) This motor has always burned too much oil. Converter clogged from oil burned and would not pass California smog. I read the same complaint/issue. Are you having problems with your 2003 Toyota Corolla? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest issues & faults for the 2003 Toyota Corolla. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the 2003 Toyota Corolla in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy She bought a new 2018 corolla and the 2006 corolla she gave me is faster than her brand new one. I recently had 3 friends in my car totalling 900+lbs of weight and was behind a very slow truck Are you having problems with your 2006 Toyota Corolla? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest issues & faults for the 2006 Toyota Corolla. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the 2006 Toyota Corolla in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy

Summary: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) notified the agency on May 13, 2015, that they are recalling 2005-2007 Lexus SC, Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Sequoia, and Pontiac Vibe, and 2005-2006 Toyota Tundra vehicles that were originally sold, or ever registered, in Florida, along the Gulf Coast, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan and American Samoa I have the same year and make (2006 Corolla S, full power options) with the same problem. Here are the symptoms: usually the car works fine but every now and then I will have the same problem with these differences. Sometimes a jumpstart helps but ALMOST ALL of the time NOT. The problem just comes out of nowhere

Toyota Corolla 2006 4 door sedan 6 cylinder 219000 miles. Problems with a Corolla? Share them Corolla. All problems (110) Electrical system (21) Battery (7) Fuses (6) Wiring (4) Other Electrical system problems (3) Relays (3) Alternator (2) Click to upload image, or drag & drop. Registered Member. 69. Toyota Model: E12 1.4 D4D S/D. Share. Posted September 23, 2011. hi, mine is about 75000 km ~~ 46000 miles , there is no common problem. just change the air filter all 5000km's period, 10000km is the service time you know that. Quote. Link to comment. Share on other sites This is one of the most common Toyota Corolla 2015 problems, but you may also experience this issue with other year models from 1990 to 2014. Lit Check Engine Light Due to EVAP System. Toyota Corolla models from 1998 to 2016 have a common issue with the evaporative emission (EVAP) system, which triggers the check engine light Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling certain 2010-2016 4Runner, 2003-2006 Tundra, 2003-2013 Corolla, 2009-2010 Corolla Matrix, 2004-2005 RAV4, 2002-2007 Sequoia, 2011. However, numerous 2007 Toyota Corolla problems were still there to make the selection worse. Be it the issues with power steering, engine failure, airbag, or any other issues. A number of engine circuit related issues also came into the picture. Customary 2007 Toyota Corolla Problems to Know Now

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Pannen und Mängel: Toyota Corolla (2001 - 2007) Allgemein. Der völlig neu gestaltete Corolla (Typ E12) hatte zwar in den Anfangsjahren gute Platzierungen in der ADAC Pannenstatistik ist aber mit den Jahren deutlich abgefallen. Die Pannenzahlen in 2010 reichen nur noch für einen Platz im hinteren Drittel der unteren Mittelklasse 2005-2007 Toyota Corolla Automatic ECM 89661-02K20 VIN Included 7785 Views $ 174.99; 2004-2006 Toyota Matrix Automatic Refurbished ECM 89661-01132 VIN Included 6732 Views $ 144.99; 2005-2008 Toyota Corolla and Matrix Immobilizer Reprogramming Service (VIN included) 6569 Views $ 59.0

That puts the new Corolla Hybrid firmly in the frame as both a car with the latest planet-saving and life-saving tech as well as Toyota's five-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty as well as a ten-year warranty on the hybrid's batteries. For some reason, Lexus hasn't budged on its four-year warranty, meaning that a 2017 CT200h might only. 2006 Toyota Corolla heater problem. WIDEG76. MEMBER. 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA. 1.8L. 4 CYL. 2WD. AUTOMATIC. The heater puts out hot heat on lower setting when you turn it on high the heat cools down what would cause that to happen The Toyota Corolla 2006 comes in the form of a compact sedan and it is the only body style offering for the model year. The LE, S and CE are equipped with a 1.8-litre four-cyline engine producing 126 horsepower while the XRS receives 164-horsepower engine. Although the horsepower numbers look smaller on Toyota Corolla 2006 model, it's due to SAE has changed the way how it calculates net. 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA. 4 CYL. 2WD. AUTOMATIC. 105,000 MILES. I took my car in for a scheduled tire rotation and oil change at 105,000 miles. The shop told me my head gasket is leaking. He also told me that its strange because Toyota's aren't known to have this problem, even at the high mileage mine is at Edmunds' expert review of the Used 2006 Toyota Corolla provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. At Edmunds we drive every car we review.

The total sales of the 2007 Toyota Corolla in the United States are 309,550 units . If the total number of problems reported by Toyota Corolla owners in the last 14 years is 949, and the age of the vehicle is 14, the PPMY index can then be calculated as . PPMY Index = 949 / 309,550 / 14 * 1000 = 0.22 The cost to diagnose the P0171 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour

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2006 Toyota Corolla idling problem. asked May 21, 2020 in Toyota by Westley Smedley. So about three weeks ago, I was headed to the gym and I used my spare key to start the car. The car began to stall which I thought was weird because it wouldn't stall before even when I used the spare. So I grabbed the original key and the car started but. Toyota Corolla generations: 2000-2006. In developing the ninth-generation Toyota Corolla, chief engineer Takeshi Yoshida gave himself a risky and unenviable task. Despite the fact that Corolla production had recently exceeded 28 million units and that it accounted for 20% of Toyota's entire annual sales worldwide, he wanted to put together a. Sandy Snide, 10/05/2015. CE 4dr Sedan (1.8L 4cyl 4A) 18 of 18 people found this review helpful. I bought my Corolla CE new in 07/2006. 134,000+ miles on it and engine and AT still great! Other. Hi! I saw your post and my mom is having the same problem with her blue 2006 Toyota Corolla. At first we thought it was the heat of the Texas weather but we started seeing other Corollas on the highways with the same problem. Mainly blue ones like her. I tried doing research on recalls and came up with nothing

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Re: Toyota Corolla 2006 Vs. Toyota Matrix 2005: Which Should I Buy by GazzuzzAutos ( m ): 6:51am On Apr 29, 2019. You are buying almost the same thing. The toyota corrola shares same suspension parts, engine and transmission parts. They use same a/c components. the issues surrounding fuel economy maintenance and design My 2006 toyota corolla in early august developed a shifting problem that sounds like the problem I read about in stories today about NHTSA's investigation of corollas. The car's automatic transmission began to shift harshly from first gear to second gear. The engine warning light then came on. I took it to a toyota dealership Posted August 3, 2013. Hi guys, Had a problem with my power steering today on my 2006 1.4 d4d corolla hatchback. In the middle of a three point turn my power steering died and the P/S light lit up on the dash. I pulled in to the side of the road, popped the bonnet and looked under the car but could see nothing wrong

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My 2009 Corolla has almost 12,000 miles. Some will tell you it's something you have to get used to. Not true at all. With my 38 years of driving experience I can truly tell you it's a major problem that Toyota must address soon or there will be accidents because of their EPS Labor: 1.0. The cost of diagnosing the P0171 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour If your Toyota Corolla is having trouble starting, idling rough or has a hasty change in the position of the throttle pedal, this could be a sign of a bad mass airflow sensor. Your Toyota Corolla has a vacuum leak. Every Toyota Corolla has a vacuum system that performs a expansive variation of functions

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Warning light name: Toyota Corolla O/D OFF warning light. Description: Toyota Corolla overdrive (O/D) is an economy function on automatic versions of the vehicle. It's a extra gear that provides little power in terms of acceleration, but is ideal for high speed driving as it keeps the engine speed low, therefore improving fuel economy 2006 Toyota Corolla XRS. Article content. Over the years, Toyota has earned a reputation for reliability. Much of the credit must go to the Corolla, a car that boasts more than 33 million sales. Toyota Corolla 1.8L 2006, Front Wheel Bearing by Mevotech®. Replace your vehicle's old and worn-out bearings with Mevotech wheel bearings. These are designed to minimize noise and vibrations and guarantee smooth movement with consistent... Reduces noise and vibration Provides axial and radial support. $17.00 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Verso - Gearbox problems on Toyota Corolla MMT. Hi, Have a problem with the MMT Gearbox on my 05 Corolla since I bought it (2009), but it started happening very often recently and it's EXTREMELY annoying... When I bought the car it had 20k miles and it happened within 3 months of purchasing... It's a 05 Toyota Corolla 1.4 D4D with MMT gearbox (semi-auto.

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Shop 2006 Toyota Corolla Spark Plug. Genuine Toyota Spark Plugs: All resistor plugs with single ground Plugs, Last, Electrode - OEM Toyota Part # 900809118 TrueCar has 40 used 2006 Toyota Corollas for sale nationwide, including a LE Manual and a LE Manual. Prices for 2006 Toyota Corolla s currently range from to , with vehicle mileage ranging from to . Find used Toyota Corolla s near you by entering your zip code and seeing the best matches in your area To view or download additional manuals that take you down to the nuts and bolts of most Toyota models from 1990 and beyond, you may subscribe to our Technical Information System (TIS) at https://techinfo.toyota.com.. To purchase copies of Owner's Manuals, please call (800) 782-4356 or visit www.helminc.com Thanks Mechanic254 - Same issue arose in my Toyota Corolla (2005). Not sure if you want to add specifics to your original post, but the manifold on my vehicle had 2 nuts and 5 bolts (12mm) holding it to the engine. I also had to unhook (unsure of their specific purpose) about 4-5 hoses in order to maneuver the manifold off of the engine The 2006 Toyota Corolla oil type and capacity iS5w30 and 4.6 quarts. Your oil needs to be replaced eventually. Every 5,000 to 10,000 miles is a good rule of thumb. If You don't replace it, there will be issues with the engine. Having high quality oil is key for the engine to run smoothly. You will run into problems with the oil at some point

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  1. Detailed car specs: 2006 Toyota Corolla. Find specifications for every 2006 Toyota Corolla: gas mileage, engine, performance, warranty, equipment and more
  2. Find the best used 2004 Toyota Corolla near you. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. We have 124 2004 Toyota Corolla vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 51 1-Owner cars, and 198 personal use cars
  3. Brakes, structure and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners. The 2020 Toyota Corolla celebrates the lineup that has been in America for more than fifty years. Yet, the automaker claims after all of these years that this model is greater than ever.. Sadly, most owners can't agree
  4. Download 2006 Toyota Corolla Owner's Manual in PDF version. Owner's manual tells you important information about your car, like How to Troubleshoot Common Problems, How to Initially Set Up Your Car, How to Check Your Fluids, Advice for Better Driving Practices, Access Technical Data Easily, How to Achieve Ideal Tire Pressure, How to Clean and Protect Your Car's Surfaces, What Does This.
  5. 2006 Corolla Problems; 2006 Toyota Corolla Problems. Problems and faults with the 2006 model year Toyota Corolla. 12. Owner Problems. 47. Recalls. 0. Common Problems. Corolla Problem Categories. Engine & Drivetrain: 2: Gearbox & Clutch 0: Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights.

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There are 770 complaints filed for the 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA. Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA.These problems includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. This information may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process If you want reliability, then you can always go for a Toyota.And one of the most steadfast vehicles in their entire range is the awesome Corolla. Compared to some of the cars we have profiled in our common problem articles, this one is a real legend with a history that stretches back all the way to 1966 with 11 generations to date

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Links to automotive repair & maintenance guides for common issues or problems on the 2003 to 2008 Toyota Corolla. 2006, 2007 & 2008 Toyota Corolla running reliably for many years to come is to regularly change the motor oil in the 1.8 liter inline four cylinder 1ZZ-FE engine Stay on top of your Toyota Corolla manufacturer maintenance schedule, and pay particular attention to the following services. Oil Changes: Some Toyota Corolla owners report motor oil problems, like over-consumption and burn-off. Regularly scheduled oil changes can catch these problems early, and keep your Toyota Corolla running newer, longer Toyota Corolla (2002 - 2007) At A Glance. Comfortable, well equipped and dependable. Huge range of body styles and refined, economical chain cam engines. Rated highly by owners. Not the most accomplished ride. VVT-i engines can suffer bore liner problem and guzzle oil after 40k miles I have the same problem with my 2007 toyota corolla. However, the check engine light only comes on after I drive more than 30 miles on the highway. After a couple of days it goes away. The solenoid code is the same as mentioned above. The car makes loud noises (engine shakes) and drives sluggish in high gears. It also sounds louder in high gear.

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  1. My 2006 Toyota Corolla was on a recall list for the ECM. I was watching the car's behavior closely for warning signs/ problems related to the ECM. Surprisingly instead of problems starting, harsh shifting or stopping while driving (all listed as possible symptoms of ECM issues)- the opposite problem occurred
  2. The contact owns a 2006 Toyota Corolla. While driving at various speeds, the vehicle stalled without warning. The contact had to pull over to the side of the road, and reset the module by turning the vehicle on and off several times. The dealer and manufacturer were not notified. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired
  3. 2006 Toyota Corolla starter issues. Report; Follow; Asked by Jesse Oct 10, 2018 at 10:16 PM about the 2005 Toyota Corolla LE. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. Hello! Recently I have been having issues when I start my Corolla. I turn th


  1. Toyota Central Europe - Czech s.r.o. Vítejte v Toyotě. Co Vás k nám přivádí? Toyota Yaris Cross. Přijdťe se podívat na nový Yaris Cross k autorizovaným prodejcům Toyota. Nová Toyota Yaris. Nyní s mimořádným financováním 0,49 % p.a. Limitovaná nabídka osobních vozů. Na novou Toyotu nemusíte čekat
  2. COROLLA . 2000/08~2004/04 . CE121 . parts list catalogue manual → View webpages ( download→pdf→url ) 2004 Toyota Corolla Service & Repair Manual Software. 2005 Toyota Corolla Service & Repair Manual Software. 2003 - 2008 TOYOTA COROLLA REPAIR MANUAL
  3. Toyota tells me that there are 2 speed sensors on the tranmission and 2 each on each wheel on my 2004 Toyota camry 2.4 litre engine. My friends scanner says po500 speed sensor A is the problem but where is it on the transmission? and is there a way to tell which one to change
  4. Toyota Corolla Verso Common Problems and Solutions. Lack of power. Problem: A common issue on many vehicles these days is for the EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) valve to get blocked up. This gets blocked up with a black carbon soot which restricts the airflow and results in a lack of power and poor performance. The Corolla Verso also suffers.
  5. 2006 Toyota Corolla Tires Service Bulletin 455563. NHTSA Item Number: 10062016. Service Bulletin Number: T-TT-0124-11. Date of Bulletin: May 22, 2013. Component: Tires. 2006 Toyota Corolla Tires Service Bulletin 474154. NHTSA Item Number: 10061649. Service Bulletin Number: T-SB-0187-12. Date of Bulletin: Oct 04, 2012
  6. Discuss the 10th generation of the Toyota Corolla. Threads 1,265 Messages 6,477. Threads 1,265 Messages 6,477. A/C only works in settings 1-3, not 4-5. Tuesday at 7:58 PM; mywifescar567; 2003 - 2008 Toyota Corolla. Discuss the 9th generation Toyota Corolla here. Threads 1,253 Messages 4,788. Threads 1,253 Messages 4,788

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  1. 4. Performance. Running Costs. Comfort. Reliability. Space Practicality. My 2000 Toyota Corolla, bought 12 years ago, has now done 156000 miles and has always been very reliable. The bodywork is still in extremely good condition and the running costs have been low although it does use a good deal of oil
  2. If the problem persists the front oxygen (O2) sensor may need to be replaced. There is a factory service bulletin for the following Toyota models: 2005-2007 Toyota Avalon 2007-2008 Toyota Camry 2005-2007 Toyota Avalon, 2007-2008 Toyota Camry Factory Service Bulletin OBDII Code P0171 2005-2006 Toyota Corolla 2005-2006 Toyota Matri
  3. Toyota corolla 2006 model in good working condition with cold ac, alloy wheels and custom paper. <br>located in ilorin, kwara state. <br>we have over 100 good and affordable cars available for sale. <br>we buy genuine used cars and pay instantly. <br>we also do car swap. <br>we receive calls from 9am to 6p
  4. Toyota Corolla Axio 2006/10 The world's best-selling car Toyota Corolla Axio is a compact car that boasts recording sales, not only in Japan, but also around the world. The first generation of Toyota Corolla was born in 1966, and the tenth generation was released for sale in October 2006
  5. Corolla Highlights. Performance-driven handling meets statement-making style with the new 2021 Corolla Apex. Sleek and sharp, Corolla SE Nightshade Edition is designed to match your sense of style. The available honeycomb mesh grille confidently draws attention to Corolla's low, aggressive stance
  6. R 59,999. 2006 96,000km Petrol Manual. Toyota Corolla 160i GLE 2006 Model with 4 Doors, Factory A/C and C/D Player,Central Locking, Blue in Color,96000KM,full service history Power Steering and Excellent Condition. Price R59,999.00 5% discount on cash purchase.We also have other nice similar cars and Bakkies at affordable prices
  7. Toyota Corolla transmission issues are also common for the 2003 model year. Other problems involve the evaporative (EVAP) system, airbags, mass air flow (MAF) sensor, and the electronic power steering system. Fortunately, replacing worn or faulty components can solve most Toyota Corolla issues

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  1. 2005 Toyota Corolla | Toyota. The Corolla isn't a perfect model, but you're on the right track by considering one. This Toyota continues to rank high for reliability, and it's pretty affordable to own. Annual repair costs for the Corolla are about $362, and the Corolla doesn't present many severe repair issues
  2. When your ride stops working, it puts a huge kink in your day. It's essential to seek out what is wrong. It helps to learn more about the symptoms of problems, so if the problem happens to be the Toyota Corolla ignition coil, you know what's wrong and fix it fast with a durable replacement from AutoZone
  3. C: Toyota Corolla July 1997 to Feb 2002 Petrol Haynes Owners Workshop Manual. Haynes Publishing, 2006, ISBN 1-84425-286-8 (englisch). Toyota Corolla Betriebsanleitung. Toyota Danmark A/S, Dezember 1999 (dänisch). Weblink
  4. The 2007 Toyota Corolla Axio comes in making a splash in the industry, offering a combination of great features, powerful performance and incredible fuel economy. The '07 Axio is offered in 1.5L and 1.8L engine displacements, delivering 110 horsepower and 136 horsepower, respectively. It can be driven in a FWD or full-time 4WD drivetrain
  5. Fits Corolla, Matrix Air Bag Crash Sensor - Repair or Replace An airbag or SRS light can sometimes indicate a problem with the impact sensor on your 2006 Toyota Corolla, particularly if it's been involved in a collision—at any speed. Have a technician inspect your vehicle's crash sensor
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By the time that model year 2019 rolls around, Toyota may be selling a Corolla with a platform that dates back to 2006. Toyota's current cheaate tactics with the 2014 Corolla will bite them in. Find the best used 2005 Toyota Corolla near you. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. We have 137 2005 Toyota Corolla vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 67 1-Owner cars, and 222 personal use cars What People Are Paying. Prices shown are the prices people paid including dealer discounts for a used 2006 Toyota Corolla Sedan 4D CE with standard options and in good condition with an average of 12,000 miles per year. Taxes and fees (title, registration, license, document and transportation fees) are not included Toyota has produced a wide variety of automobile engines, including four-cylinder and V6 engines. The company follows a naming system for their engines: The suffix (separated by a dash) specifies the features of the engine: After 2000 indicates E85 Ethanol fuel. Note: Other manufacturers may modify the engine after it has left the Toyota. The Toyota Corolla made its debut in 1966, with the intent to supply the people of the world with inexpensive, reliable transportation. It's safe to say that it met its goal and was named the best-selling car in the world in 1974. The Toyota Corolla has stayed close to the top of that list ever since, surpassing the Volkswagen Beetle in 1997 to become the best-selling model in history Rating applies to 2005-08 models. Tested vehicle: 2005 Toyota Corolla LE 4-door with optional front and rear head curtain airbags and optional front seat-mounted torso airbags The Toyota Corolla was redesigned for the 2003 model year. Side curtain airbags designed to protect front and rear occupants' heads became optional beginning with 2005 models, in addition to the optional side airbags.