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2. GORE-TEX with PACLITE. PACLITE, which I am assuming is derived from Pack Light. Basically, this is an attempt to create a light fabric with the obvious sacrifice in durability. Unlike the regular GORE-TEX (1), this has only one layer, taking the GORE-TEX membrane and bonding it directly to an outer shell GORE-TEX® WITH PACLITE TECHNOLOGY. The lightest, most packable fabric from GORE-TEX®. Designed for those seeking emergency protection from inclement weather. N70p GORE-TEX® 2L . 100% nylon / 3.4oz/yd2 , 109g/m2 A tightly constructed plain weave nylon face with false twist textured warp and fill yarns. DWR finish. N40p-X GORE-TEX® 2 Whether it's GORE-TEX PACLITE ® garments—with their lightweight, two-layer design perfect for fast-paced, done-in-a-day activities—or GORE-TEX SURROUND ® footwear—engineered for 360-degree breathability all around the foot—if it's in the original GORE-TEX products range, it will keep you dry

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Gore-Tex® PacLite® waterproof shell is extremely breathable, lightweight and packable. Gore-Tex® Soft Shell waterproof breathable fabric is highly durable, windproof and designed for outstanding freedom of movement. Gore-Tex® N80P-X is a super-durable, waterproof breathable hard shell fabric created by Arc'teryx in conjunction with W.L. Gore U výrobků GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell je použitá membránaGORE-TEX® na vnitřní straně potažena speciální ochrannou vrstvou, která obsahuje oleofobní látky a karbonová vlákna. Proto již není potřeba podšívka. Z toho důvodu jsou výrobky GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell výrazně lehčí a po sbalení zabírají velmi málo prostoru. GORE-TEX® SOFT SHEL Gore-Tex offers many models of gear for outdoor activities, including the ShakeDry, with which water droplets sit on the surface and literally shake off it, and the ultralight Gore-Tex PacLite, which features a 2-layer construction and fits into a rucksack easily when not in use

Made to be lightweight and packable, Paclite does not lack any of the other performance qualities that Gore-Tex fabrics are renowned for. It is fully waterproof, windproof and breathable, protected by a DWR coating to repel water and it comes at such a light weight that makes it ideal for traveling with Im Unterschied zu Paclite verfügt Gore-Tex Paclite Plus über eine neue Karbon-Beschichtung auf der Innenseite, die optisch an ein Ripstop-Nylon erinnert. Durch die leichte Strukturierung erhöht sich der Tragekomfort und gleichzeitig kann die vergrößerte Oberfläche Feuchtigkeit noch besser transportieren Gore-Tex® also comes in several options, which include: Pro - breathable and durable, designed for agility activities such as hiking. Paclite - the lightest option, suitable for more casual wear. Pro Shell - this is the most durable and weatherproof of the options, mainly used in gloves and shoes

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However, Gore-Tex fabrics are still consistently more waterproof, breathable, and durable than H 2 No materials. H 2 No outstrips Gore-Tex fabrics only in being more comfortable since Gore-Tex tends to be quite stiff. H 2 No also receives a longer-lasting DWR treatment than Gore-Tex materials The membrane is much thinner than Gore-Tex and Gore-Tex Pro products and thus transports body moisture more efficiently. However, this is at the expense of durability. Gore-Tex Active is designed for a high level of activity with an emphasis of minimalistic - no extra-spacious pockets, inside pockets or cover strips

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  1. GORE-TEX® - najsłynniejsza z dostępnych na rynku membran, stanowiąca w zasadzie synonim wodoodporności. Producent niechętnie podaje parametry swojego wyrobu - woli po prostu zagwarantować suchość (więc nie tylko szczelność, ale także oddychalność na odpowiednim poziomie). Stąd motto GORE®: Guaranteed to keep you dry
  2. imalist packing. PacLite features a 2.5 layer construction that is meant for urban commuting in wet weather conditions instead of intense outdoors activities. Gore-Tex PRO - Highly abrasion resistant. PRO fabrics are breathable and virtually weightless, despite being 40-denier
  3. gore-tex® paclite® plus Lightweight yet robust, our all-new range of GORE-TEX PACLITE® PLUS products provide reliable and highly packable protection that will keep out the worst of the weather. Filter Product
  4. Gore-Tex Paclite - optimised for low weight and bulk to ensure garments are lightweight and packable. The most affordable Gore-Tex jackets are usually Paclite. Gore-Tex Paclite Plus - a relatively recent addition to the range that is similarly lightweight yet robust and boasts improved breathability
  5. Gore's Gore-Tex Paclite jacket is a hi-viz rain mac that boasts 100 per cent waterproofing and wind protection to keep the elements at bay all year round. With its C3 active fit, the cut is looser.

Gore-Tex Pro (dle staršího označení Gore-Tex Pro Shell) Tento materiál je navržen tak, aby splnil požadavky outdoorových profesionálů i sportovních nadšenců. Ideální do náročných a extrémních podmínek. nejčastěji a téměř výlučně třívrstvá konsktrukce (svrchní materiál, membrána i podšívka jsou spojeny v. Berghaus Paclite 2.0 Shell Jacket nepromokavá bunda GoreTex Paclite black '.Lehká a snadno sbalitelná nepromokavá bunda v pánské verzi a černé barvě. Je vyrobena z 2,5vrstvého laminátu s membránou Gore-Tex® Paclite®. Spolehlivě Vás ochrání před deštěm i sněhem. Je rovněž pr.. http://www.ProLiteGear.com responds to a viewer request to test Gore-Tex Pro Shell vs. Active Shell, eVENT & NeoShell

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GORE-TEX PACLITE. Upřesnit výběr Skladem Cena s dopravou Filtrovat. Nalezeno 220 nabídek. (Zobrazuji 151 - 180) adidas Bundy Bunda Terrex GORE-TEX Paclite Rain Červená. adidas Bundy Bunda Terrex GORE-TEX Paclite Rain Červená K dispozici v dámské velikosti. EUR EU S. 5 299. GORE-TEX Paclite ® Plus is constructed from two layers that result in a thin and ultralight fabric. The outer layer is thin and supple, aiding mobility and breathability, while the inner layer is a GORE-TEX membrane that protects against wind and rain yet still remains breathable The difference between Gore-Tex Paclite and Paclite Plus. Both negate the use of an inner lining material, and both are light and waterproof, so we've taken a look at the real difference. Gore-Tex Paclite. The Gore-Tex membrane is bonded to the outer shell material, before being covered by an anti-oil substance and carbon. Gore-Tex has.

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  1. This GORE-TEX footwear technology focuses more on breathability than waterproofing, but it still provides significant waterproofing benefits. 6. GORE-TEX Paclite. Developed in the late 1990s, GORE-TEX Paclite is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to include in jackets that pack into their pockets, which were trending at the time. 7
  2. Gore tex active shell, it consists of 2 layers instead of three and the outer is bonded ot the middle layer reducing it's bulk. Which one is more breathable? Again, active shell. The thinner fabrics will naturally allow more moisture out, there are less barriers between the inner and outside. How much more breathable is questionable though
  3. Pri výbere dávajte pozor na výnimky technológií Gore-Tex Paclite Shell a Active Shell - tu je odolnosť voči vode nižšia, 28 metrov (28 000 mm) vodného stĺpca. Aj tak je do stredného dažďa dostatočný. Nižšia odolnosť tkvie vo zvýšenej priedušnosti - za suchších podmienok je výhodnejšia, pretože sa pot lepšie odparuje..
  4. Gore-Tex® Active vs. Gore-Tex® Pro: which should I choose? If you're looking for comfortable waterproof breathable protection during your time spent trail running, road running, mountain biking, cross-country skiing or alpine touring, the extreme breathability and moisture-management performance of Gore-Tex® Active is the best choice for you
  5. 1) Performance Shell = Gore-Tex a secas de antes. 2) Paclite Shell = filosofía Paclite con la palabra Shell detrás. 3) Soft Shell = Gore-Tex unido a prendas tipo softshell. 4) Pro Shell = Gore-Tex XCR de antes pero ahora no baja de 400€ excepto en rebajas Uf, qué chapa madreee , me voy a comer alg
  6. GORE-TEX PACLITE® Plus-Produkt: leicht, extrem atmungsaktiv, klein verpackbar, dauerhaft wasserdicht, winddicht und robust. 2,5 Lagen: weniger Material, weniger Gewicht. Gesäßverstärkung mit Abriebschutz. Verstellbare Bundweite durch elastisches Zugband mit Kordelstopper. Hosenbeine weitenregulierbar mit Klettverschluss. Vorgeformter.

Kurtka GORE-TEX Berghaus Paclite Peak Vent Shell -. 734,99 zł 1 049,99 zł. Porównaj. -30%. Kurtka damska Berghaus Paclite 2.0 Jacket - blue. 559,99 zł 799,99 zł. Porównaj. -30%. Kurtka przeciwdeszczowa Berghaus Paclite 2.0 GORE-TEX®. Evolution outlet. Klenot firmy vybroušený mnoha lety vývoje a zkušeností týmu spolupracovníků. Špičková horolezecká bunda z robustního třívrstvého materiálu GORE-TEX® Pro. 13 990 Kč 10 900 Kč Most Gore-Tex Pro and Active rain jackets feature a 3-layer construction. Gore-Tex Paclite and Infinitum pieces of clothing have a 2L layer or 2.5L construction. The average 3L Gore-Tex system looks something like this: Expanded PTFE, or ePTFE, a polymer with exceptional properties, is at the center of all Gore-Tex solutions Any other terminology you hear, Gore-Tex Performance Shell and Gore-Tex Paclite Shell for example, is obsolete, so ignore it! If you see that a Gore-Tex product is described as having 'Paclite Technology', it is simply a Gore-Tex pro or Gore-Tex (classic) garment that weighs 4.4 oz per square yard or less

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  1. The Gore Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket is great. It's light and scrunches easily into a jersey pocket, fits over winter layers and breathes well enough that you never boil inside. There's nothing to seriously criticise - though if you're slim, you can happily size down. This jacket is very well made, as you might expect from Gore
  2. Gore PacLite is the most breathable and lightest weight Gore-Tex material. It seem to buffer moisture well, so if you engage in brief aerobic activities, you are likely not to notice you have briefly overwhelmed PacLite's ability to move moisture. Gore-Tex XCR is more durable and waterproof than PacLite and almost as breathable
  3. és à rouler dans toutes les conditions, qui veulent emporter avec eux un vêtement de protection contre le mauvais temps
  4. The main difference between GORE-TEX Vs eVent waterproof and breathable properties is the makeup of the layers of fabric. In GORE-TEX®, the PU layer is solid to prevent oil and dirt from entering, but this means that sweat has to be removed in two steps: first, the sweat modules adhere to the PU film and then they diffuse through the fabric.
  5. Now with new GORE-TEX PRO Most Rugged, we have found a way to be more resilient, to persevere. Shop Women's Shop Men's. Shop Women's Shop Men's. Athlete stories. Gore-tex. Fully waterproof solutions for a wide range of activities. Shop GORE-TEX. Gore-tex Pro Exceptional durability for ultimate protection

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Gore-Tex materials are typically based on thermo-mechanically expanded PTFE and other fluoropolymer products. They are used in a wide variety of applications such as high-performance fabrics, medical implants, filter media, insulation for wires and cables, gaskets, and sealants.However, Gore-Tex fabric is best known for its use in protective, yet breathable, rainwear Boty Terrex Agravic TR GORE-TEX Trail Running. Boty Terrex Swift R3 Hiking. Boty Terrex Skychaser GORE-TEX 2.0 Hiking. Obuv Terrex Swift R2 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking. Bunda Terrex MYSHELTER GORE-TEX Active Rain. Kalhoty Terrex GORE-TEX Paclite Rain. Bunda Terrex GORE-TEX Paclite Rain. Bunda Terrex Techrock GORE-TEX PRO Rain GORE-TEX® Products with PACLITE® Technology W tym rodzaju produktów klasyczną podszewkę (luźną lub laminowaną warstwę) zastąpiono powłoką z tworzywa. Charakterystyczna, łatwa do rozpoznania gołym okiem (bo ciemnoszara, gładka, czasem sprawia wrażenie lekko połyskliwej) warstwa ochronna naniesiona na membranę jest przyjemna dla.

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GORE-TEX® PACLITE® SHELL. Výrobky GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell jsou ideální pro trekking, pěší turistiku, cyklistiku a další sporty. U výrobků GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell je použitá membrána GORE-TEX® na vnitřní straně potažena speciální ochrannou vrstvou, která obsahuje oleofobní látky a karbonová vlákna Detail produktu. Gore-Tex. Gore-tex bundy jsou tou nejlepší outdoor volbou. Membrána a podlepené švy vám zajistí nepromokavost, prodyšnost, odolnosti v mrazu a dlouhou životost. Zjistit více. -50%

These are the 3rd pair of Gore-Tex Paclite Waterproof Trousers (1 x C3 (M) and 2 x C5 (M) I've bought in as many weeks from Amazon to compare like for like against the Endura MTR waterproof trousers and all 3 pairs of Gore Paclite have issues. The 1st two pairs have already been returned for refund and the 3rd pair are soon to be heading Amazon. Gore-Tex Paclite Shell. Statt eines Futters ist die Membran von innen mit einer atmungsaktiven Schutzschicht versehen. Dadurch ist Paclite sehr leicht und klein packbar, dafür ist der Stoff viel weniger abriebfest, wodurch es sich z. B. nicht für schwere Rucksäcke eignet

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S těmito GORE-TEX Paclite Plus kraťasy vyvane tahle výmluva jako laciný intimsprej! Zůstaňte v suchu. Kdykoli a kdekoli! Velmi lehké, vodě a větru odolné kraťasy cyklistického střihu, které v batohu zaberou... více informací 3 699 Kč. Doprava. The Mountain Hardwear Exposure/2 Gore-Tex Paclite Plus is an ideal wind and rain shell for shoulder season mountain running, scrambling, and ski tours. Weighing in at just 9.07 oz, the Exposure/2 is amazingly light, packs down small, and stands up to harsh wind and rain GORE-TEX Paclite®. We have been a brand partner with W. L. Gore for over four decades and were among the first brands in the UK to utilise what was one of the greatest advances in clothing for mountaineering and climbing: the introduction of GORE-TEX. We are one of Gore's leading research and development partners and work closely with them on. vs. Marmot Essential Women's Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket, GORE-TEX with PACLITE Technology- in Dark Rasberry on sale for about $170. I have not tried either in the rain, but both claim to be completely waterproof, and other reviews seem to be happy with this feature . The sizing was about the same Gore-Tex Active Product: Lightweight, extremely breathable, durably waterproof and windproof. Grippy insert at the waistband. Reflective piping. Wear-resistant seat reinforcement. Comfortable elastic waistband. Pre-shaped knees. Reflective logo on front and back. Zippers at lateral hem for easy access with shoes

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Materiál: Gore-Tex® Paclite® (100% PA/100% ePTFE) Hmotnost: 308 g Gore-Tex® Paclite® - Dvouapůlvrstvý laminát, mimořádně lehký a snadno sbalitelný. Membrána Gore-Tex® je na vnitřní straně potažena speciální ochrannou vrstvou, která obsahuje oleofobní látky a karbonová vlákna. Proto již není potřeba podšívka Gore-texové pánské bundy z tisíce e-shopů pohodlně na jednom místě. Prohlédněte si aktuální kolekce Léto 2021 s pomocí módního vyhledávače Glami.cz Best-selling GORE-TEX waterproof rain protection. From one of the most trusted brands in waterproof protection, GORE-TEX brings you PACLITE®: Their 2L solution that's built for everyday comfort, light weight, packability, breathability, and of course, durably waterproof and windproof protection In choosing between the two, the Exposure's stretchy build gives it the edge in comfort, while the Minimalist has a classier look that works better around town and saves you $31. Another 2.5-layer Gore-Tex Paclite design to consider is Black Diamond's Liquid Point. The Liquid Point is the priciest of the group at $269 ($49 more than the. Paclite Plus is a new Gore-Tex technology geared toward shedding precious ounces while staying dry. The material is even more compact than the original Paclite, without sacrificing breathability, durability, or waterproof ability. These new innovations make the jacket more light and packable while still guaranteeing a decades-long lifespan

Löffler Bunda Gore-Tex 50 2014. Kvalitní Löffler Bunda Gore-Tex 50 2014 za 3196 Kč. EAN: 9008805819934. Zakupte produkt Löffler Bunda Gore-Tex 50 2014 z kategorie od výrobce Löffler za cenu 3196 Kč The Exposure/2™ Gore-Tex PACLITE® collection brushes off the bad and redefines a rainy day with the same comfort you look forward to from sunshine and 70s. Engineered with the most durably waterproof breathable materials, each style assures it will outlast the elements and the years. Lightweight and packable, it disappears in your daily.

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GORE-TEX 2L can be paired with insulation and is generally warmer, heavier, and less expensive than 3L or 2.5L versions. 2.5-Layer (2.5L) - Uses a two-layer sandwich with a face fabric+membrane plus a spray-on or printed backer to add durablity to the membrane. It's the lightest of the three constructions. 3-Layer (3L) - Uses a full three. Gore Tex Paclite vs. North Face Hyvent Hållbar regnjacka i 3-lagers Gore-Tex Pro, vart? Kläder 20 21 Augusti 2017 Erfarenhet av Norrøna falketind gore-tex jacka Kläder 3 11 Juni 2017 Gore tex blir flourkarbon fritt - äntligen! Kläder 9 7 Februari 2017 Gore-tex VS G-1000 Kläder 17 24 Januari 2017 Cabela's has their Gore-Tex PacLite jacket on sale. Marmot Precip sales can usually be found at one website or another at different times throughout the year. Also, LL Bean has a camo hunting Gore-Tex jacket on sale for $90. The original price was $199, but the few reviews are mixed. It's one of those silent suede type materials the advantage of gore-tex is that, besides the fabric, gore-tex is a label that validates the whole manufacturing process Example: the Shift Gore-Tex model. It's a very lightweight jacket in unlined PacLite, for fast hikes lasting one or two days GORE-TEX ® Active is exceptionally lightweight and breathable, to suit high output, fast and light pursuits. GORE-TEX ® garments o˜er a high degree of durable waterproof/breathable performance. Available in Paclite and soft shell construction. NEW NAME DESCRIPTION GORE-TEX ® Pro GORE-TEX ® Active GOR E-T X ® WINDSTO PER ® Softshell.

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A GORE-TEX® laminate is created by bonding the GORE-TEX® membrane between high-performance lining and outer textiles. Waterproof GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell. GORE-TEX® fabrics lead the. Gore-Tex was used to humidify the map in order to soften the board. the backing could then be pared off easily in sheets saving an enormous amount of time. the media was undisturbed. Humidification of Parchments: Because Gore-Tex disperses humidity so evenly, it is an effective tool to humidify parchments As with all its other membranes, Gore says C-Knit is 100%, while Polartec claims 99.9% for NeoShell. In that tenth of a percent lies a fundamental difference in performance. While pressure (heat.

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  1. Exemple : le modèle Shift Gore-Tex. C'est une veste très légère, en paclite, non doublée, pour une rando active à la journée ou sur deux jours. C'est aussi la veste idéale pour le trail running quand on vient taquiner l'altitude et le froid. Légère et compacte, elle se glisse au fond du sac pour ne sortir qu'en cas de pluie ou.
  2. GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL. GORE-TEX® products面料:. 多功能户外解决方案,使用戈尔特斯®面料的服装均具有持久防水、防风性,以及最佳的透气性,为穿着者提供最大程度的保护和舒适性。. 多层复合材料和不同结构的应用,包括有 保暖层 ,没有保暖层,以及 两层 和 三层.
  3. Some membranes like Gore-tex paclite needs a positive pressure to let moisture to escape. So like hiking and running will build a positive pressure under the jacket, allowing moisture to escape. Some other membranes let moisture out without a big positive pressure. Pertex is a membrane that doesn't need a lot of pressure
  4. The shell layer is Galvin's original Gore-Tex fabric. It's completely waterproof, windproof and breathable. The weight's heavier than later fabrics (Paclite and Stretch with C-Knit), but most of that extra weight comes down to the mesh liner inside the jacket, not the Gore-Tex
  5. aty GTX Pro se mohou lisit hodne, ale u Paclite ani AS to tak nebylo. U Paclite bund bylo vahove omezeni na maximalne 500 g, u AS je taky takove (350 g?), to moc prostoru nedava. Moje bunda z Paclite (a XCR) byla od MHW, kalhoty od Tilaku, AS bundu mam od Salomonu, kalhoty od Mountain Equipment

There are different types of Gore-Tex available. Paclite, Performance Shell, Pro Shell etc. Paclite is lightweight and is designed to be carried around in a rucksack until it rains. Performance Shell (like your Mera Peak) is designed for winter mountaineering and the like and is a lot tougher, it's not designed for cycling.. Gore Wear C3 Gore-Tex Paclite Hooded Jacket Test | Testberichte.de. papierflieger Überblick. tests Tests 2. angebote Angebote 61. bewertungen_und_meinungen Meinungen 170. einschaetzung Unser Fazit. technische_daten Datenblatt. 141,99 € bei OTTO Versand: 5,95 €. Kategorien GORE-TEX® Paclite jassen zijn zijn tweeënhalflaags jassen. Drielaags. Bij drielaags jassen is het GORE-TEX® membraan verbonden zowel de bovenstof als de binnenvoering. De drie lagen bewegen niet ten opzichte van elkaar. Tweelaags vs. drielaags

All GORE-TEX garments are fully seam-sealed. The seams are covered with a GORE-TEX tape on the inside of the membrane to make sure that the garments are 100% waterproof. The tape is attached with a special machine using hot air and a hi-tech adhesive. Depending on style, a jacket needs between 12-15 meters of GORE-TEX tape to seal all the seams Gore-Tex® Fabric with Paclite® fabric technology. Garments made with Gore-Tex® Paclite® fabric are durably waterproof, windproof and very breathable. With a lightweight and packable construction, these garments are ideal for activities when weight and space are critical. Gore comfort mapping technolog GORE-TEX® fabrics are constructed by laminating the famous GORE-TEX® membrane to high performance textiles. Membrane pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water drop and 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule. This means that rain can't get in but your perspiration can get out. GORE-TEX® fabrics are also treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) that makes water bead up and roll. The Lowdown. GORE-TEX® Paclite® fabric technology offers lightweight, fully waterproof protection and allows the jacket to pack down really small so you can easily store it in your rucksack ready for when the weather turns. A fixed, fully adjustable hood offers additional weather protection. For The Gear Geeks

Die GORE-TEX Paclite Jacke von GORE Wear ist sehr leicht, wasserdicht und weist ein geringes Packmaß auf. Damit ist sie ideal für Dich, wenn Du unterwegs wenig Platz hast, aber nicht auf Regenschutz verzichten möchtest. Spezifikationen: Ein.. Technically, Gore-Tex Paclite could be laminated to a super beefy face fabric and be ultra durable, while Pro-Shell could be paired with an ultra light face fabric and be super light. The determining factor is that Gore-Tex will only allow certain combinations with certain membranes so yes, Paclite tends to be lighter and Pro-Shell tends to be.

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gore-tex® Velmi lehká záložní bunda vyrobená z materiálu GORE-TEX® s novou technologií Paclite® Plus. UPOZORNĚNÍ: Mýty a pověry kolem voděodolných zip Kurtki Gore-tex - czy się różnią. W.L. Gore produkuje cztery podstawowe rodzaje materiałów przeznaczone na kurtki i spodnie wodoodporne. Oprócz zwykłego Gore texu mamy jeszcze wersję PRO o zwiększonej odporności na uszkodzenia mechaniczne, Paclite o zmniejszonej wadze i Activ Shell o zwiększonej oddychalności GORE-TEX® Garments with Paclite® Product Technology are the ideal solution for hiking, golf, travel and other activities where space and weight are critical. A protective layer on the inside of the GORE-TEX® membrane makes a separate lining unnecessary. The result: minimum weight and pack volume. 2-layer GORE-TEX® Fabric is designed to.