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3-Day Tour of Cobán and Semuc Champey from Antigua. 2. Bus Tours. from $409.99 per adult (price varies by group size) Semuc Champey + El Quetzal birdwatching, in a Private 3 Days Tour. Bus Tours. from $600.00 per adult (price varies by group size) LIKELY TO SELL OUT. 9-Day Trip in Guatemala: All Around Home » Guatemala » Semuc Champey Tour In Guatemala - Visitor's Guide. Semuc Champey is one of Mother Nature's most beautiful creations, tucked away in the depths of the Northern Guatemalan jungle. Featuring a natural bridge of limestone around 300 meters long with cascading turquoise-colored swimming pools the top-rated semuc champey tour The top-rated tour, which you can book online before you arrive, includes Semuc Champey, Tubing in the river and Kanba Cave. It is the tour I did and an awesome way to tick off lots of the things to do in Coban region in just one day Cobán / Semuc Champey. A Natural Paradise. Semuc Champey is a fabulous area near Lanquín and consists of a natural 300 meter limestone bridge with spectacular views of the Cahabón River. A top the bridge is a series of stepped, turquoise pools, and swimming

The Semuc Champey Caves Tour. The tour of the Semuc Champey caves is great for the adventurous but not for the fainthearted. After visiting the ATM caves in Belize I thought I was prepared for anything, but no helmets and no headlamps here - just a candle. A candle Semuc Champey Tour. Hostal Oasis de Lanquin presents a tour to one of Guatemala's top destinations, the glittering turquoise waters of Semuc Champey. Seen from above, they form interestingly shaped limestone pools that look like oversized aquamarine gems. This amazing adventure also takes you to a cave and river tubing, so you'll be. Pacaya Volcano Tour. 1 Days / From $70 per person. Please call us at: +502- 2410-8260 and provide us the following reference name: Coban And Semuc Champey Tours , or you can fill out the form below and we'll get back to you whithin 24 hours. Name *. First

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  1. Amazing Tour Semuc Champey. Semuc Champey It is an impressive system of natural pools that is located within the dense rainforest in AltaVerapaz. It is seven staggered poses of 1 to 3 meters of depth, which are fed by springs of the mountain. It is formed by a natural limestone bridge about 500 meters long, below which the Cahabón River flows.
  2. ibus at Los Amigos hostel at 8 am (almost the entire bus was planning to stay at Zephyr Lodge). If we had known the hassle of the mess that is their lack of a.
  3. This full-day tour includes your transportation to and from the park, all entrance fees, and a knowledgeable, bilingual tour guide. The tour begins with a visit to the K'anba Caves. This area is primarily limestone and is a cavers paradise with thousands of unmapped miles of cave to explore. The cave you will explor
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  5. http://www.arnelbanawa.blogspot.com - If you're ever in Guatemala, you definitely do not want to miss SEMUC CHAMPEY! Tour was provided by El Retiro Lodge, wh..

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  1. Semuc Champey is definitely a do-it-yourself kind of attraction. You don't need to pay for a tour to get there nor do you need a guide. A tour to Semuc Champey can cost anywhere from $40 US to over a $100 US if you include accommodation
  2. Semuc Champey in a Private Full-Day Tour. Bus Tours. from £153.57 per adult (price varies by group size) 3-Day Tour of Cobán and Semuc Champey from Guatemala City. Bus Tours. from £299.82 per adult (price varies by group size) Semuc Champey, Copan, Quirigua and Rio Dulce Tour
  3. From Antigua: 3-Day Cobán & Semuc Champey Tour Small group; Pickup available; Duration: 3 days; 5.0 (1 Review) From. $425.99 per person View all Nature & Adventure in Semuc Champey Top Attractions in Central Highlands, Guatemala. 1 Semuc Champey. 2 Lanquín Caves. 3 Rey Marcos Caves. 4 Biotopo del.
  4. Día 2. 09:00am » Tour a Semuc Champey y las Cuevas de Kan`ba 16:00pm » Retorno al Hotel El Retiro en Lanqui

Explore central Guatemala on a 3-day trip from Antigua. Visit the city of Cobán and hike around the forest of El Biotopo del Quetzal. Spend a day visiting Semuc Champey, with its natural pools, and visit Lanquin Caves to learn about these formations from your expert guide. You'll also visit Rey Marcos Caves and take a guided exploration of this beautiful cave complex. This 3-day tour is a. Semuc Champey Private Tours. 1,792 likes. We pride ourselves in offering a comfortable, stress free and affordable service. All guides are bilingual and have experience in the tourism industry The price for a full-day tour to Semuc Champey from El Retiro Lodge was Q185 (about $24.) This included round-trip transportation, guides, entrance fees, tubing, and the cave tour. We spent the morning doing the waterfalls, tubing, and the save tour, then had a break for lunch. Then we hiked the mirador, spent over an hour at the pools, and. Tour Semuc Champey. Visita el rio verde Semuc Champey, se encuentra cerca de la ciudad de Cobán. Es un lugar ideal para poder nadar en las piscinas hechas por el rio dentro la roca. Durante este tour podrán ver la fauna presente en el lugar. Cerca de Semuc Champey, podrán visitar las grutas de Lanquín donde se encuentran miles de murciélagos Semuc champey | Lanquin ! Guatemala | 2017 | exchange2chang

Semuc Champey, Alta Verapaz Domingo 15 de agosto 2021 Reservas con Q 100.00 p/p. Costo por persona: Q 335.00 Si reservas antes del vie. 30 de jul. Q 360.00 Si reservas después del vie. 30 de jul Start and end in Antigua! With the Adventure tour Coban & Semuc Champey Tour 3-day, you have a 3 days tour package taking you through Antigua, Guatemala and 3 other destinations in Guatemala. Coban & Semuc Champey Tour 3-day includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport


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  1. From Antigua: 3-Day Cobán & Semuc Champey Tour Small group; Pickup available; Duration: 3 days; 5.0 (1 Review) From. $425.99 per person View all Viewing Points in Semuc Champey Top Attractions in Central Highlands, Guatemala. 1 Semuc Champey. 2 Lanquín Caves. 3 Rey Marcos Caves. 4 Biotopo del.
  2. Book A Semuc Champey Tour From Antigua Of course, another option, if you have the budget, is to book a tour with Heart of Travel. They will organize everything for you including pickups from Antigua and you can even organize to do a more extensive tour that includes Semuc Champey, Tikal, and Rio Dulce
  3. Von Antigua: 3-tägige Cobán & Semuc Champey Tour Kleingruppe; Abholung möglich; Dauer: 3 Tage; 5.0 (1 Bewertung) Ab. 363,46 € pro Person Alle Touren in Semuc Champey anzeigen Die besten Sehenswürdigkeiten in Zentrales Hochland von Guatemala. 1 Semuc Champey. Mehr Reisetipps. 1.

9:00 A.M. Visit Semuc Champey pools and the cave of Cambá. In this beautiful place, there are a serie of rivers. 16:00 P.M. End of the Tour. Return at the Hotel in Semuc Champey. Day 3. 8:00 A.M. Departure by public transport to the city of Guatemala or at Antigua Guatemala (7 hours approximate) Start in Coban and end in Guatemala City! With the Adventure tour Cobán And Semuc Champey Tour, you have a 3 days tour package taking you through Coban, Guatemala and 2 other destinations in Guatemala. Cobán And Semuc Champey Tour includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, transport Semuc Champey Tours. 599 likes · 1 talking about this. Plesa contac u Von Antigua: 3-tägige Cobán & Semuc Champey Tour Kleingruppe; Abholung möglich; Dauer: 3 Tage; 5.0 (1 Bewertung) Ab. 364,20 € pro Person Alle Höhlen-Touren in Semuc Champey anzeigen Die besten Sehenswürdigkeiten in Zentrales Hochland von Guatemala. 1 Semuc Champey. Mehr Reisetipps. Semuc Champey Tour - Day Trip From Cobán. 1 / 4. Explore Semuc Champey National Park and be amazed by the natural 1000 foot limestone bridge and crystalline pools over the Río Cahabón! Swim in limestone caves and hike to an picturesque overlook to view the Natural Monument in its spectacular entirety! USD $53.00 - USD $378.00

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Choose from 1 operators that offer tours & tickets for Semuc champey and get the best price. Book it today from as low as 381 USD on YonderTours Semuc Champey is probably one of the most popular attractions in Guatemala and as soon as I managed to visit it myself, I understood why.. Just picture walking on a cave holding a candle, floating on natural pools and sliding from one to the other in crystalline green waters, staring in bewilderment at the majestic rock formation from the lookout point above, tubing on the river Semuc Champey : une petite merveille naturelle. Pour rejoindre la rivière à Semuc Champey, il faut encore rouler une heure à travers la jungle à l'arrière d'un pick up.Une longue route sur des chemins chaotiques qui n'autorise pas les réveils en douceur. La course se monnaye aux alentours de 20qz, tu peux descendre à 15qz si tu négocies bien (plus facile au retour) Semuc Champey is one of the highlights of most backpackers' visit to Guatemala. Beautiful turquoise pools amid the lush Guatemalan jungle certainly is a sight to behold. However, a 2-day detour between Antigua and Flores, if you are on a tight schedule, think very carefully if you have time to fi..

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The road to Semuc is full of impressive views where is possible to stop in beautiful natural parks of the cloud forest, home of the Quetzal, avian symbol of Guatemala. Upon arrival, Lanquín community guides will take you on a tour to explore a cave more than 800 meters deep, with rivers and underground waterfalls Tour e soggiorni Semuc Champey. Personalizza. Avventura. Dall'altipiano alla costa caraibica. 16 giorni (a persona) 1.600 €. Personalizza. Grandi classici. Il Cuore del Mondo Maya. 11 giorni (a persona) 2.300 € What happens on the Semuc Champey Tour. You can book a tour of Semuc Champey at your hotel, or pre-book through GuateGo, they are all pretty much the same price. The groups are likely to be large and there will only be one guide, so don't expect much in the way of customer care but it's still the best way to get the full experience Semuc Champey, the most Popular Tour in Guatemala Semuc Champey might be the most popular tourist attraction in Guatemala as well as one of the most famous in all of Central America. Without question I was interested in visiting such a well renowned natural phenomenon while I was in Guatemala, so away I went

Share this tour. 4 Users Online. Semuc Champey. Multi-day tour. An impressive natural paradise, formed by pools of turquoise water that sprout from the middle of the rocks. In Q'eqchi' language, it means where the river hides under the stone, you will be fascinated by observing large karstic cave systems, perfect for adventure and. Enjoy a memorable experience in Semuc Champey with a vacation package starting at just $338. Booking your hotels, flights and tours with Travelocity has never been so easy. On top of that, our deals will leave you with more money in your pocket for plenty of fun activities Semuc Champey 3 Days (From US$ 164.11) Day Trip: Kanba Cave and Semuc Champey Natural Pools from San Agustín Lanquín (From US$ 45.00) Semuc Champey in a Private Full-Day Tour (From US$ 210.00) 3-Day Tour of Cobán and Semuc Champey from Guatemala City (From US$ 409.99) See all Semuc Champey experiences on Tripadviso 3-Tages-Tour von Cobán und Semuc Champey von Antigua. 2. Bustouren. ab 342,11€ pro Erwachsenem (Der Preis variiert je nach Gruppengröße.) Semuc Champey + El Quetzal Vogelbeobachtung in einer privaten 3-tägigen Tour. Bustouren Semuc Champey is about 110 miles/ 180km from Guatemala City and takes around 4 to 6 hours by road, longer depending on traffic and whether you'd in a private car or mini-van. How much is the Semuc Champey entrance fee - the fee is 50 Quetzales (at time of writing), which is about $7USD

Lanquin ist ein 2.000 Seelen Dorf mitten im Nirgendwo, in einem Tal, umgeben von hohen Bergen. Ich habe dort vier Nächte / drei Tage zugebracht, um mich von der Anstrengung der Wanderung zu erholen. Aufgrund seiner Abgelegenheit und der schlechten Straßenverhältnisse hat die Fahrt im Shuttle 10 Stunden gedauert, aber schließlich bin ich angekommen un We´re going to start the tour at 7:00 am. We´ll pick you up in your hotel lobby in Cobán and take you to Semuc Champey and Lanquin Caves. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the road and the beautiful views. Rest assured that all our vehicles have been fully sanitized for your well-being The tour starts with a visit to Semuc Champey, where you can view the natural limestone pools, filled with fresh, clear spring water, which comes from the surrounding mountains. You will then have the opportunity to swim in the turquoise and emerald-green water. From there, we continue to visit the caves of Lanquín

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Semuc Champey, Guatemala - - The Great Tour Around Down Under and Beyond. (by Freda) We'd heard the name Semuc Champey come up time and time again from people who were recently in Guatemala, mentioning it as a trip highlight. So we made the 9 hour (yes 9 HOURS!!) round trip along fairly terrible potholed roads and deep into the Guatemalan. Lanquin is merely the crossroads for exploring the nearby pools of Semuc Champey, a true spectacle of nature.. The pools can be visited in two ways. With a tour that costs 130-150Q which includes transportation, guide and entrance to Semuch Champey and nearby caves, or as I did by taking the vans that leave regularly from the main square - 25Q for foreigners, but the price is 15Q The tour to Semuc Champey includes a hike to the waterfall, swimming in the pools, the cave tour, and river tubing. It costs 200q ($26) per person. I was there in May and El Retiro was having a special for both April and May: book the Semuc Champey tour and get your third night free

Mini package to Semuc Champey AdminCari 2020-02-04T21:48:09-06:00. Day 1. Pick up homestay , Airbnb or hostel/hotel in Quetzaltenango at 07.30 am. Collective shuttle with at least one change (in LOS ENCUENTROS) to LANQUIN. Overnight in HOSTAL EL NAWAL (or any other hostel , just ask ) / dinner included. Day 2. ENJOY SEMUC CHAMPEY and the CAVES Cost of visiting Semuc Champey with a tour The tour costs a total of 180Q ($24 USD), which includes your transportation, park entrance and a guide. You can opt to include a packed lunch for an additional 35Q ($4.67 USD, or purchase on your own) and tubing for 55Q ($7.34 USD)

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One of the most beautiful hostel in Antigua, Hostal Antigüeño proposes you this service: Semuc Champey. [b]Day 1:[/b] 08:00 Antigua-Semuc Champey 16:00 Arrived at Semuc Champey 1 Night Hotel el Portal 17:00 Tour Cuevas de Lanquin [b]Day 2:[/b] 09:00 Tour Semuc Champey -Kamba Caves -Toobing 17:00 Finaliza Tour 1 Night Hotel El Portal [b]Day 3:[/b] 08:00 Semuc Champey-Antigua or Flores [b. The trail to Semuc Champey is a bit muddy and rocky, but the walk was do-able in sandals. And of course, bring a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and a camera. Do I Need To Book A Tour To See Semuc Champey? No! You do not have to book a guided tour to Semuc Champey. The pools are open from 8am to 4pm. The entry fee is 50Q (about $7)

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Go River Tubing. And then there's river tubing. If you like exploring, it's possible to hop on a tube and cruise down the Cahabon River. Starting at Semuc Champey, the tubing experience runs for around a kilometer and makes for a pretty relaxing way to spend some time. Renting a tube costs Q65 ($8.50 USD) the best semuc champey tour Today you will take day begins from your hostel in Lanquin takin a truck and get insight of Kam-ba Caves and Semuch Champey Natural crystal Pools, also great experience walking up to see the sighteeing View Point and make a tube Experience at Cahabon rive Semuc Champey was 50Q each, that included the mirador and swimming in the natural pools. K'anba was 60Q each, which included the tour as well as access to a mirador hike and the river fed pool. Taking the colectivo was 15q each whether we rode inside or in the truck bed

Semuc Champey River Tour . Most gringos come to Alta Verapaz to visit the Natural Monument Semuc Champey. Semuc Champey was formed by the River Cahobón at the point where it plunges noisily into an underground chasm before reemerging downstream to form temperate pools of paradisiacal wonder Semuc Champey (or, that time my tour guide tried to grope me) I had intended to write here about how, sometimes, I feel like an awful traveler. Like how I've been forking over extra money to take shuttles instead of chicken buses because I feel more comfortable and because it's just that much easier

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The Semuc Champey caves offer a unique tour experience where you'll be guided by nothing but a candle as your sole source of light. This often means swimming through water one-handed as the other is held high above your head, dripping wax, and carefully gliding through underground waterfalls while trying to keep the flame from going out Semuc Champey Tour . eXplore the Living and Ancient Mayan... discover Guatemala. Kayaking Lake Atitlan March 4, 2011 Comments Off on Kayaking Lake Atitlan Kayaking in Lake Atitlan Guatemala is a relaxing, amazing experience! the views are amazing, the calm waters of the lake in the mornings, the crystal clear waters invite for kayaking [caption.

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Tour El Salvador - Semuc Champey, Guatemala. 1927. Disfruta de la majestuosidad de este monumento natural: Semuc Champey, en este viaje de 3 días desde la ciudad de San Salvador. Toma un confortable transporte directo con nosotros. Disfruta de un día lleno de diversión de paisajismo, exploración de cuevas, restaurantes y caminatas Semuc Champey ist definitiv eines der Highlights von ganz Guatemala. Die knapp 11 km vom Dorf Lanquin entfernten, natürlichen Pools erstrecken sich über ca. 300 Meter und sind, was die meisten nicht wissen, eine natürlich entstandene Kalkstein-Brücke über einem unterirdisch verlaufenden, reißenden Fluss.Das klingt total verrückt, aber man kann vor Ort auch genau sehen, wie der Fluss.

Este tour incluye: Transporte desde Cobán, guía, box Luch (regular o vegetariano), ingreso a Semuc Champey y Cuevas de Kamba, casco, chaleco para los que no pueden nadar. Mínimo: 4 personas. Precio: Q350 por persona. Más información : Leonel Pu Cahuec. info@cobantravels.com. Teléfono: 3044 060 Tour de semuc champey saliendo de el retiro lodge, para nacionales Q150.00 para extranjeros Q185.00 salimos a las 9 de la mañana todos los dias. hacemos las cuevas de agua, tubos en el rio. y semuc champey todo incluido con entradas. primero de mayo fiesta latina en el retiro lodge. visitenos. 32259251 para reservar el tour One of the highlights during my trip to Central America was without a doubt the tour to Semuc Champey with its natural pools and caves. It is described as one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala and hell yeah it is unbelievably impressive.. Semuc Champey is located 11 kilometers south of the small town of Lanquín of the tour in Semuc Champey! Day 2: Explore Semuc Champey on your own. Now that you've done the guided tour and have gotten the lay of the land in Semuc Champey, it's time to go back and explore on your own. The reason we advise this is it gives you the opportunity to go at your own pace, without a group, to enjoy the beauty of this.

Visiting Semuc Champey with a tour | We decided to take a full-day tour from our hostel for GTQ 160 per person, and it included transport, entrance to Semuc Champey and entrance to the cave. Everyone uses big trucks for transport, so expect to stand for an hour in the back of the truck while being slammed against the sides - pretty uncomfortable Semuc Champey is an hour away, in the middle of the jungle. When we drive there, it starts to rain softly again, and that adds to the 'rainforest feeling' that prevails. Once we arrive at the parking lot, we are also reunited with Linda from the bus yesterday. A cave tour in Semuc Champey Semuc Champey isn't exactly a local secret. In fact, I heard about Semuc Champey long before I arrived in Guatemala and it quickly became one of those bucket-list places to visit on my Guatemala itinerary plan.. After visiting, I must say Semuc Champey is one of the most breathtaking places I have seen and an overall highlight of my Guatemala trip

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Kanba Cave & Semuc Champey Park Tour Including Entrance Fees 4.0. 1 Review From £31.77 per person. Book now Explore underground river caves with a guide and then go on a tubing excursion on the Kahabon River. Round out your full-day Guatemalan adventure with a visit to Semuc Champey National Park and marvel at the incredible turquoise pools. Semuc Champey Tour buchen. Der Shuttle zum Semuc Champey Parkeingang & Eintritt. Es fahren regelmäßig 4×4 Pickups oder Jeeps von Lanquín bis zum Eingang des Parks und sammeln auf der Strecke alle Leute auf, die sie finden können. Es ist also egal, ob du in Lanquín oder irgendwo in der nähe des Parks schläfst, du kommst ohne Probleme hi Semuc Champey • Hun Nal Yeh • Cobán • Cuevas de Lanquín • Biotopo del Quetzal. Vía Terrestre desde El Salvador. Salidas DIARIAS a solicitud en Servicio Privado cuando más le convenga (excepto los días LUNES y MARTES). Precios en Temporada Regular. Precios no aplican para Salidas solicitadas en Semana Santa, Vacaciones Agostinas, Navidad y Fin de Año

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Monumento Natural Semuc Champey. , Lanquin. As far from civilization as possible, Monumento Natural Semuc Champey offers a series of stepped, turquoise pools and limestone bridges that have become a popular swimming attraction. Within the area lies a natural 300 m (985 ft) bridge which passes over the Cahabon River The natural turquoise baths of Semuc Champey are beautiful. The baths are located deep in the jungle of Guatemala far away from civilization. Semuc Champey is surrounded by mountains which makes it a special place. It is important to mention that it is quite a long drive from Lake Atitlan to Semuc Champey. Our ride lasted approximately 14 hours How do you get from Guatemala City to semuc Champey? The easiest and best way to get to Semuc Champey from Guatemala City is by private transfer (around a 7.5-hr drive), but you can also hire a car, or take a tourist shuttle bus to Lanquín.. How do you get from Antigua to Semuc Champey? One of the easiest ways—aside from private transfers, of course—to get around Guatemala, tourist. Semuc Champey and Kam'ba Caves Join us for a full day adventure tour to one of Guatemala's main and most beautiful attractions. The tour includes caving, rope swing jumping, waterfall jumping, a lunch break, viewpoint trek and a relaxing swim in the famous natural pools of Semuc Champey - all accompanied by our local licensed guides

Semuc Champey: prenota i tuoi biglietti online con un clic e risparmia tempo all'ingresso! Tour e attività al miglior prezzo per una visita indimenticabile di Altopiani centrali del Guatemala The Semuc Champey pools. After a big sleep-in and an even bigger breakfast, we felt ready to explore Semuc Champey. We strolled over to the entrance and handed over 50 quetzales each, which is a great price for what you get and much cheaper than going with a tour. We started walking the trail and were faced with a fork in the road

Company Semuc Champey & Kam'Ba Cave Tour Cost: GQ $190 (lunch not included) Note: The tour should cost no more than 190 Quetzales, which I booked at the Zephyr Lodge. Over there you can ask for a lunch sandwich for only GQ $25 packed inside a tropical banana leaf Semuc Champey + Lanquin Caves, tour privato di un'intera giornata da Coban. Bus turistici. a partire da 190,60 € per adulto (il prezzo cambia in base al numero di persone) Goditi il paradiso naturale di 3 giorni a Las Verapaces in un tour privato. Bus turistici To visit Semuc Champey independently, it becomes a pick and choose adventure of which of the options you prefer. Entrance is about US $7, tubing on the river costs is also about $7, and the cave entry fee is about $9 with tours every 30 minutes from 9am to 3pm

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Even the tours to local parks discourage local spending. A lunch stop at Semuc Champey could easily consist of packed food from the local market or a stop at the hot food stalls set up by local vendors outside the park. Instead, tours herd you to another fancy hostel nearby to purchase their overpriced Western food Private Full-Day Tour in Semuc Champey + K´anba Caves from Cobán. $205.00 per adult. More info. Quick View. Semuc Champey + Lanquin Caves, Private Full-Day Tour from Coban. $220.00 per adult. More info. Quick View. Cultural & Theme Tours Get to the heart of the local character. Walking & Biking Tours Touring Semuc Champey. We booked our tour with our hostel which I believe is what most people do, so don't stress about booking anything in advance. If staying in Lanquin you take a 45 minute journey in a rattling pick up truck standing up in the back like cattle! Which can be quite fun or annoying depending on your mood

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About this Ride. This Shuttle Shared Minivan for 15 PAX from Lanquin to Antigua, the ride start at next of Lanquin Health center, end in Antigua central park, please be at 10 minutes before at the place scheduled Semuc Champey + Lanquin Caves, tour privado de día completo desde Cobán. Recorridos en autobús. a partir de 189,80 € por adulto (el precio varía en función del número de personas por grupo) 3 días disfrutando del paraíso natural en Las Verapaces en un tour privado

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Semuc Champey in a Private Full-Day Tour. Bus Tours. from S$290.56 per adult (price varies by group size) 3-Day Tour of Cobán and Semuc Champey from Guatemala City. Bus Tours. from S$567.28 per adult (price varies by group size) Semuc Champey, Copan, Quirigua and Rio Dulce Tour Getting to Semuc Champey from Utopia. Utopia offer a tour package that includes transport to and from Semuc Champey, the entrance fee (50 GTQ) and a guided tour of the nearby Kanbah Caves for 185 GTQ. However, you can just as easily walk to Semuc Champey yourself - the journey is very pleasant and takes just under an hour If you book a tour to Semuc Champey, it should include all of these activities as well as the park entrance fee in the price. If you visit on your own, you will have to pay the park entrance fee (50Q), plus pay separately for the tours you want to do (caving and tubing). There are some benefits to visiting Semuc Champey on your own Semuc Champey, Cuevas Kanba y Tubing por el río cahabón. Tours, Viajes, Excursiones y Eventos Diciembre, 2020 Precios, horarios

Tours offered include a chocolate making tour, a trip to Semuc Champey and a candle lit tour of the caves or tubing from the bridge near Semuc Champey back to Utopia. River views Hammocks are littered throughout the property, encouraging you to relax and enjoy the view Semuc Champey: tours y actividades Excursión de varios días Desde Antigua: tour de 3 días de Cobán y Semuc Champey Grupo reducido; Servicio de recogida incluido; Duración: 3 días; 5.0 (1 opinión) Desde. 363,46 € por persona Ver todos los tours y actividades en Semuc Champey. Guided tour in Semuc Champey. There are guides at the entrance of Semuc Champey though, if you want to use one. Several of the hostels also offer guides and different excursions. Most guided tours consist of them leading you along the trail in the park, to all the different viewpoints, then down to the limestone pools Semuc Champey + Lanquin Caves, tour privado de día completo desde Cobán. Tours en autobús. desde $ 866.142 por adulto (el precio varía según el tamaño del grupo) 3 días disfrutando del paraíso natural en Las Verapaces en un tour privado. Tours en autobús. desde $ 3.149.606 por adulto The Kanba Caves at Semuc Champey. We booked a tour to visit Semuc Champey through our hostel. Part of this tour is visiting nearby Kanba caves. I asked the guy volunteering at our hostel - who looked like Keanu Reeves from his Bill & Ted days - to explain what exactly the cave visit involved. Oh man, it's amazing Semuc Champey is a remote spot in the central Guatemalan mountains It lies 11 km south of the small village of Lanquin which makes a good base for trips to the caves and pools. To get to Lanquin you can take an 8 to 10-hour shuttle from Antigua or a slightly shorter trip from Flores